Rock church of Adadi Mariam

The rock-hewn church of Adadi Mariam lies at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level located 55 kilometers to the south of Addis Ababa on the main road of Butajera after passing of Melka Kunture pre-historic archaeological site, and before reaching the world Heritage Site of Tiya on 12 kilometers from the main road to south west. The road altogether is 67 kilometer and, the 12 kilometer is not asphalted but properly done. Before reaching the church, there is a small bridge on the Adadi Mariam River and there is market place near to the river. Then, Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church is found on the south west of the market not more than 100 meters the  Adadi Mariam rock church, contemporaneous with those of Lalibela. In fact local tradition ascribes it to King Lalibela who is said to have had it built on his visit to Mount Zuqwala in 1106. Damaged during the wars with Ahmed Gragn in the 16th century, it fell into disuse and was only reopened in the time of Menelik II. It is today in regular use.