Domestic Tourism


Domestic tourism has tremendous impacts on the overall tourism sector of any country. Fully cognizant of  multi dimensional benefits; our company Stunning Ethiopia Tours, with the support of ESTDP/ MGS, embarked on promoting Domestic Tourism in Ethiopia with a view to strengthen the overall Tourism industry of the country.  

Among the rationales for developing domestic tourism the following can be mentioned.

  • Producing social and cultural benefits for the domestic population who might not otherwise be able to experience the cultural and natural wealth of their own countries. Through the opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices that domestic travelers can bring, residents will also potentially develop stronger interest in promoting ethnic, racial and religious tolerance; deeper appreciation of the country's natural and cultural diversity; and greater awareness of the achievements of national institutions. This has particularly paramount importance for countries which are blessed with spectacular ethnic diversity like Ethiopia. When citizens visit the nature, culture and history of their own country, it provides them with  the  opportunity to
  • Build their understanding about themselves and build up and strengthen national fraternity as travelling contributes to self-enrichment.
  • Enabling residents who have growing disposable incomes and leisure time to participate in productive and satisfying experiences. As leisure time, disposable incomes and higher levels of education increase, so does the need for a broader array of leisure experiences. Domestic tourism is a potential contributor to the quality of life of resident populations, if it is carefully planned and properly delivered.
  • Gradually introducing the domestic travel sector organizations to the critical management and quality requirements needed to compete effectively in the international market. Domestic tourism can also Encourage public and private travel organizations to deliver quality and value-for-money tourist services to compete in key travel markets at home and abroad
  • Retaining the hard currency that might otherwise leave the country in the form of outbound travel expenditure in travelling to foreign destinations. Without implementing potentially regressive deterrents to the outbound travel sector, foreign exchange is thus saved by encouraging the spending by the affluent local population in travel to the domestic locations.
  • Re-distributing wealth within the nation's boundaries. This re-distribution can be targeted to encourage the transfer of currency and other physical and human resources from relatively affluent portions of the country to economically less prosperous regions, through strategically focused domestic tourism program
  • Spreading development opportunities into the developing regions through the use of local resources, both natural and human, that are compatible to the domestic market as opposed to the international markets. By encouraging the regions to preserve and develop varied attractions and to deliver services that are catered to the domestic travelers, local, political, social and business institutions would gain an opportunity to hone their organizational and program delivery skills - many of which are suited to application in a wide variety of development settings.
  • Stabilizing the frequently cyclical and seasonal flows of inbound tourism. By encouraging domestic tourism to occur during the traditionally slow “off peak” demand periods that is normally associated with international tourism; it is possible to ensure a broad-based tourism development that consistently makes a productive contribution to the overall economy of a country. It further creates an opportunity to avoid fluctuations, caused by seasonality of international tourism, in revenues and allows private and public organizations which are engaged in the tourism industry to operate all year round. This strategy can potentially lead to a more stable and also sustainable level of employment and revenue generation in domestic destinations.

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