Addis Ababa - New Flower

The third –highest capital city in terms of altitude in the world, Addis Ababa is the largest city of Ethiopia as well as the country’s commercial, manufacturing and cultural center. It is situated in central Ethiopia at an elevation of about 2440m above sea level on a plateau that is crossed by numerous streams and surrounded by hills. Climatically, this city is a highly encouraging introduction to Ethiopia: characterized, throughout the year, both day and night, by comfortable temperature weather. Situated at 400 longitude 80 latitude, the city has an annual average rainfall of 1,153 mm with an average temperature of 160c.

The modern city was founded in 1887 by Emperor Menilik II at the site of a hot springs. It was given the name ADDIS ABABA which in Amharic means “NEW FLOWER.” The city became the national capital in1989. Addis Ababa also known as the capital of Africa by hosting many international organization headquarters, UN for Africa (ECA), the AU (African union) and other Diplomatic mission for Africa.

Addis Ababa’s cozy espresso bars and patisserie are reminiscent of Rome and the Mediterranean, and its bustling outdoor markets are colorful reminders of more traditional ways of life. The people, the bursts of music from cafes and shops, the pungent aromas of spicy cooking, of coffee and frankincense all serve to form a unique Ethiopian elegance. Moreover, Addis Ababa is also one of the few African cites whose vicinity offer a wide vary of exceptional day trips