Wendo Genet- which interpret as “paradise of Wondo”

Wondo Genet is a very popular hot-spring resort destination situated among the forested hills about 20 km south of Shashemene, there are a number of attraction in the surrounding including the swimming pool fed by the spring just outside from the top of the hill, the resort was established during the time of Haile Selase for the use of royal family. Wondo Genet area is great interest to hikers and nature lovers the resort compound support Anabas Baboon, Gureza and Grivet monkey and also Wondo Genet is an ideal place for bird watchers, a large variety of forest birds can be marked including, Mountain buzzard, spotted creeper, Abyssinian woodpecker, yellow fronted parrot, banded barbet, Ethiopian oriole, Ethiopian salty flycatcher, tree pipit, black saw-wings and much more. Wondo Genet can be a perfect weekend trip with the combination of Awassa and rift valley lakes.