Debre Berhan & Ankober

Located 140km North East of Addis Ababa to visit one of the oldest town in the country- Debre Berhan town founded by King Zera Yacob(1434 – 1468). It was important in the earlier days because of its proximity to Ankober and the trade route through the Rift Valley to the coast. Ankober is located a short distance of 43kms from Debre Berhan and is assemble on the edge of the great escarpment of the Rift Valley which offers an extraordinary view of the region. It is also founded by King Zera Yacob in the 15th century. Ruins of the palaces of King Sahle Selassie and his predecessors are worth visiting. Ankober was Menelik’s capital before Entoto near Addis; there is an interesting lodge on the top of the cliff where you can see clearly the rift valley and visiting a local dwelling is worth don’t forget to bring your warm clothe since it is cold!